Configuration: Catalog - Layered Navigation

System > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog > Layered Navigation.


The Layered Navigation section lets you configure the product count display and range of prices used in the layered navigation section of your Magento Go store.

For step-by-step instructions, see: Layered Navigation

Field Descriptions

Options Scope Description
Display Product Count Store View If Display Product Count is set to Yes, the number of matching records that was found appears in parenthesis after the filter.
Price Navigation Step Calculation Store View Specifies whether the range of prices used in the layered navigation is determined automatically or manually.
  • Automatic
  • Manual
Default Price Navigation Step Store View If Price Navigation Step Calculation is set to Manual, enter a numeric value to determine how price ranges are grouped in the layered navigation. For example, if set to 100, prices are displayed in groups of 100, as follows:
  • $0.00 - $99.99
  • $100 - 199.99
  • $200 - $299.99


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