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Use the Email to a Friend tab to enable product sharing with email, set the default template and allow guests to share products.

  • Email Templates

Setting the Configuration Scope

Before you continue, make sure to set the correct configuration scope, if necessary. The field descriptions in the tables below identify the scope level for each setting. For more information, see: Understanding Store Scope.

Email Templates

The Email Templates section lets you configure the Email to a Friend options. Email to a Friend lets customers share their favorite products with others by clicking the Email to a Friend link on a product page.

To complete the email templates section:

  1. In the Enabled list, select whether to enable the Email to a Friend feature.
  2. In the Select Email Template list, set the default template that will be used to send a product to a friend.
  3. In the Allow for Guests list, select whether to allow guests to be able to use the feature.
Options Scope Description
Enabled Store View Enables/disables the feature.
Select Email Template Store View Sets the default email template that is used.
Allow for Guests Store View Enables/disables non-registered visitors, or guests, to use the feature.


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