Configuration: Card Gate Plus - MisterCash

System > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > Card Gate Plus - MisterCash

This section contains the settings required to activate and configure the MisterCash payment method for the Card Gate Plus payment gateway.

For step-by-step instructions, see Setting Up MisterCash for Card Gate Plus.

Options Scope Description
Enabled Store View Enables/disables the Card Gate Plus MisterCash payment method.
Title Store View Assigns a name for this payment method that appears during checkout. By default, the title is set to “MisterCash.””
Payment from applicable countries Store View Identifies the countries where you want this payment method to be available. Options include:
All Allowed Countries: Customers from all countries in the default list can use this payment method.
Specific Countries: Customers from only those countries selected in the Payment from Specific Countries list can use this payment method.
Payment from Specific countries Store View If accepting payment with this method from only specific countries, those selected in this list identify where payment is accepted.
Sort Order Store View Determines the order in which this payment method appears during checkout. Available payment methods are listed in ascending order, starting from 0 (zero), which appears at the top.


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