Changing Themes

Watch the video tutorial! The Theme Editor lists the current selection of themes, and provides access to your store’s design and layout tools.

To apply the new theme to your store:

  1. From the Admin menu, select Design > Themes Editor.
    When you find a theme you want to try, follow these steps to make a working copy that you can edit.
    1. Click the Duplicate link below the thumbnail image of the theme you want to copy.
    2. Enter a new Theme Name and Description. Then, click the Save button.
      A new copy of the theme, labeled with the Theme Name you assigned, appears in the left column under My Customizations.
  2. Under Current Theme, scroll down to the My Customizations section. Under the thumbnail image of your theme, click Apply.
    Your new theme appears at the top of the list under Current Theme.
  3. To see the new theme in your store, open a new tab or browser window and type your store URL in the address bar.
    • If you have a standard domain such as mystore, type:
    • If you have a custom domain such as, type:
  4. If your new theme doesn’t immediately appear, press F5 to refresh the browser.


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