Product Attributes

Deleting Attributes
Platform: Magento Go
March 4, 2011

When an attribute is deleted, it is removed from any related products and attribute sets. System attributes are part of the core functionality of your store and cannot be deleted.

Creating Attribute Sets
Platform: Magento Go
February 4, 2011

After you have created the individual attributes you need for a product,you can group them into an attribute set. Generally, you will have a separate attribute set for each type of product.

Managing Attributes
Platform: Magento Go
February 3, 2011

Attributes are the building blocks of your product catalog, and each describes a specific characteristic of a product.

Creating Attributes
Platform: Magento Go
February 3, 2011

Attribute properties define the product fields in your catalog, and determine how they are used throughout your store.

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