Expand Your Store

Platform: Magento Go
December 7, 2013

Magento Connect offers third-party tools and services that extend the features and functionality of your store.

Platform: Magento Go
December 6, 2013

With catalog and shopping cart price rules, you can set up your promotions in advance based on a variety of conditions.

Magento Core API Settings
Platform: Magento Go
November 7, 2013

The Magento Core API supports both SOAP and XML RPC protocols. The API is permission-based, and allows access to the Customer, Catalog, and Order modules of Magento Go.

Free Shipping Promotions
Platform: Magento Go
October 29, 2013

Free shipping can be offered as a promotion, with or without a coupon. Some shipping carrier configurations let you set a minimum order for free shipping. However, shopping cart price rules let you create complex conditions based on multiple product attributes, cart contents, and customer groups.

Product View Optimization
Platform: Magento Go
September 26, 2013

The Product View Optimization tab lets you install tracking scripts that test the effectiveness of one version of a page over another. View optimization is available for both products and categories when Google Analytics is enabled for your store.

Google Merchant Center
Platform: Magento Go
September 25, 2013

Google Merchant Center helps you manage Google's shopping tools and services from a single dashboard. In this article, you will use Google Webmaster Tools to verify your site and establish your store's connection to your Google Merchant Center account.

Disabling Newsletter Subscriptions
Platform: Magento Go
September 21, 2013

If you are not ready to publish a newsletter, the newsletter module can be temporarily removed from your store. You can easily restore the functionality by changing the configuration to "Enable."

Editing the Newsletter Block
Platform: Magento Go
September 21, 2013

Your store may includes a block that invites people to register for your newsletter. The design and position of the newsletter block varies by theme.

Exporting Subscribers
Platform: Magento Go
September 21, 2013

Your list of newsletters subscribers can be exported in a format that can be used by third-party newsletter applications and services.

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