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Error Using Payflow with Magento Enterprise Edition (EE)
How to resolve errors with Payflow Express and Payflow Pro using EE
Upgrade Roadmap for Magento Community Edition (CE) 1.8
Summary of steps required to upgrade to Magento Community Edition (CE) 1.8 or later
How to Apply and Revert Magento Patches
Magento support provides patches to address various issues with Magento Enterprise Edition (EE). This article discusses how to apply a patch or revert a patch.
Working With Order Status in Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) and Community Edition (CE)
Creating custom order statuses and associating them with order states (e.g., Pending Payment, On Hold, New). You can also unassign order statuses and set a default status for an order state.
How to Use Redis with Magento Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE)
Redis is an open source advanced key-value store that can optionally be used in Magento for back end and session storage. You can replace memcached with Redis.
After You Install Magento: Recommended File System Ownership and Privileges
Magento installation file system privileges and ownership on UNIX: how to set them after you install Magento
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