Introducing Ratings & Reviews for the Magento Connect Extension Marketplace

The Magento Connect team is excited to announce our new Ratings & Reviews system! We’re making it easier for developers to use the power of the Magento Community to promote and support their extensions while making it easier for merchants to choose extensions that fit their needs.

The new Ratings & Reviews system will go live on February 19, 2013. Read our FAQ outlining the changes.

Developers: Do you currently offer extension(s) in the Magento Connect extension marketplace, or do you plan to submit an extension soon?

Be sure to read about the new features and follow the recommended actions outlined below:

New Feature Description Recommended Actions
Star Ratings (1-5) Users can leave an Overall Rating, plus additional ratings for:
Developer Support, Functions as Described, and Usefulness.
Depending on your outreach policies, consider asking your customers to rate the extensions they use after the launch date.
Reviews Users who leave ratings can also write detailed reviews to provide additional information that benefits the community.

Reviews will be screened for support questions and inappropriate material. Users may be directed to rewrite reviews, enter their support questions in the Q&A section; or contact the extension developer directly.
Answer all support questions in existing reviews before 02/13/2013, 11:59pm PST.

Valid, existing reviews will remain. However, existing reviews containing support questions will be removed without notification at launch on 02/19/2013.

Please note that the existing reviews system will “go dark” from February 14 – 18 to help us prepare for the launch

Sign up for New Reviews notifications after the launch date.
Review Response Privileges Only the extension owner can respond to a user’s review for his/her extension. Consider clarifying the issues presented in mixed reviews by providing an appropriate response.
Q&A for Support Users can ask support and other questions in the Q&A forum. This separates questions from reviews, so questions may get answered in a structured, timely manner.

Anyone (extension owner or another user) can answer a question.
Sign up for Q&A notifications after the launch date.

Input your most frequently asked questions & answers in the Q&A section to educate new customers.
Multi-Language Support The Magento Connect team can moderate user reviews in 10 languages:

Ask customers to review your extension(s) in any of the languages we support.


Q: What happens to the popularity score?
A: The popularity score will continue to be on the site.

Q: Will the default sort be based on ratings or popularity score?
A: At launch the default sort will be based on popularity score. Once we have a sufficient number of reviews the default sort will be based on ratings.

Q: What happens to our existing reviews?
A: The Magento Connect team will screen existing reviews for support questions and inappropriate content. Those not meeting our requirements will be removed beginning on Feb 19, 2013. Please answer any support questions in your existing reviews before Feb 13, 2013, 11:59pm PST. Reviews written after our launch date will be moderated through our new process.

Q: What happens to new support questions that are posted in reviews?
A: Support questions posted in Reviews will be rejected through our moderation process. If a post is rejected, the user will be notified via the email address he/she provided, and given three options: 1. Re-write the review; 2. Leave question in the Q&A widget on the extension profile; 3. Contact the developer via the support link provided on your extension page.

Q: What is being moderated?
A: We are moderating user reviews for support questions, profanity, inappropriate comments directed at other users or companies, reviews that intentionally direct business away from the developer, competitor references, and meaningless work strings.

Q: Why ask the user to include "other extensions in my store"?
A: It is beneficial for merchants looking for extensions to see what other extensions users have used. Think of it as: "People who bought this also bought this." This feature is important for merchants who may be concerned about extension combinations working well together. We can’t guarantee how extensions may work together, but this gives merchants more information in making their purchasing decisions. Developers get the advantage of seeing what other extensions merchants may be using along with theirs.

02/22/2013 Update: We are still moderating the old reviews (i.e. the reviews posted before Feb 19, 2013), and they are showing up on the Connect site in a rolling pattern. We plan to complete moderation of all old reviews by 03/04/2013.

02/25/2013 Update: We have received feedback from extension owners requesting old reviews to be displayed on the Connect site sooner than later. We understand how valuable the reviews are in promoting your extensions; hence we have decided to publish all old reviews (pre-Feb 19th) and we will be post-moderating them through March 4th to remove support questions and inappropriate material. Please contact the Connect team for any further queries.