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  • Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
  • Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
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    Rovio is the entertainment media company and mobile game development studio that created the globally successful Angry Birds franchise. The company is rapidly expanding into new areas such as broadcast media, services, publishing, and merchandising.

    North America

    Apparel, Accessories, Toys, and Games

    Performance and Scalability, Third-Party Integration, User Experience

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  • “Thanks to AOE media and Magento, we have the technical capabilities to efficiently handle the increasing traffic from all around the world to our Webshop.” Lauri Turtiainen
    Rovio Retail Analyst & Project Manager

  • Angry Birds Webshop Moves to Magento & Triples Conversion


    Getting Traffic to Convert

    Rovio created an eCommerce store to sell merchandise and accessories related to the Angry Birds mobile app. Their original platform lacked the flexibility that Rovio wanted. And while the site was well trafficked, conversion rates were disappointingly low.

    Rovio wanted to find a new platform that would…

    • Dramatically improve conversion rates
    • Run on multiple servers to facilitate smooth and stable handling of extreme traffic peaks
    • Manage product prices in different currencies
    • Make custom, business-specific features easy to implement
    • Support stores in different locales, languages and currencies


    Fix the Problems, Secure the Future

    Rovio chose development firm AOE media to recreate its eCommerce store on Magento Enterprise Edition. Magento’s features, flexibility, and open source architecture let AOE address the prior site’s problems, while establishing a framework for future expansion and improvements

    Magento-enabled enhancements included…

    • Deployment on an automated scaling infrastructure in the Amazon Cloud to accommodate extreme traffic spikes and maximize stability/reliability
    • Intuitive interface that allows customers to easily use the site and complete their orders
    • Integration with fulfillment provider Shipwire to allow efficient management of stock from multiple warehouses worldwide
    • Integration with Braintree payments system
    • Automatic handling of licensing requests via DRM server


    Sales Up, Growth Assured

    Moving to the Magento Enterprise platform caused sales to soar. And now Rovio has the freedom to continually adapt to new online market conditions.

    • Conversion rates have tripled and continue to rise
    • Site handles peaks of 5,000 concurrent users and one million visitors/day with ease
    • Availability of global inventory has increased
    • Delivery times have significantly decreased