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    Peter Millar is a multichannel retailer that designs, manufactures, and distributes fine quality men’s and women’s sportswear, clothing and accessories, with an enduring commitment to craftsmanship and timeless style.

    North America

    Luxury Sportswear & Apparel

    Marketing & Conversion, User Experience & Design, Performance & Scalability

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  • “Magento Enterprise provides the flexibility for Peter Millar to establish our unique brand identity, while providing a rock-solid foundation to support our continued growth.” Sarah Ward
    Director of Digital Marketing & E-Commerce
    Peter Millar

  • Responsive Design Drives Multichannel Growth for Fashion Retailer


    Scalability and Design

    As awareness and interest in their stylish, versatile fashions grew, Peter Millar required an eCommerce channel that was both worthy of their brand and provided a platform for growth. Peter Millar had three focus areas that drove the overall implementation:

    • Enhance the site design and the user experience to more accurately reflect their luxury brand status 
    • Implement a single solution that effectively reached their target audience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices
    • Extend Magento functionality to better serve channel partners, more elegantly present their product catalog and improve site performance


    A Responsive Design Framework

    Magento Solution Partner Gorilla Group used the broad flexibility of the Magento platform to customize front-end and back-end elements to address each of Peter Millar’s business needs:

    • A responsive design framework enabled the multichannel retailer to present “intentional experiences” tailored to site visitors across an array of devices.
    • A new design and UX upgraded the look and feel of the site, capturing the essence of the Peter Millar lifestyle.
    • Color swatching was added to product detail pages to more elegantly represent multiple apparel options.
    • An interactive Store Locator was implemented to drive visitors to local retail partners.
    • Magento’s full-page caching functionality and Magento-specific hosting configuration combined to produce sub-1-second page load speeds.


    Across the Board Improvements in Key Metrics

    The responsive framework, coupled with a fresh, new look, search engine-friendly features, and Peter Millar’s own ascending brand have led to across the board increases in key metrics:

    • Total site visits up 70%; mobile visits up 140%
    • Organic conversion rate increased 9%
    • Average order value up over 20% across mobile and desktop channels