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    NSF International is a public health organization whose Health Sciences Division provides reference standards used by pharmaceutical manufacturers. The new site offers their complex catalog through an easy-to-use online store.

    North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa

    Healthcare & Medical

    User Experience & Design, Performance & Scalability, Configurable Product ordering and Third Party Integrations

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  • “Magento’s multi-language and multiple currency capabilities make it the perfect B2B platform for large, global companies like NSF.” Scott Robertson
    Co-founder, Grand River

  • A Magento eCommerce site for the Health Sciences Division


    Design an online store that makes it easy to find and purchase reference standards from the NSF Health Sciences Division’s complex product catalog.

    Pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide use reference standards to demonstrate the identity, purity, quality, and strength of their pharmaceutical products and ingredients. NSF wanted a site that could:

    • Easily locate the accurate, detailed information pharmaceutical manufacturers require
    • Display complex information intelligently, including graphics for chemical configurations
    • Handle the complexities of global shipping and customs
    • Scale to continually add new reference standards and other product offerings


    NSF International chose Michigan-based eCommerce design and development company Grand River to help put together the new site. Grand River recognized that NSF’s product line required the same features and functionality as those of successful online retailers. They recommended Magento Enterprise, with its flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, as the ideal platform to launch the new site and to accommodate NSF’s ambitious growth plans.


    The new site offers the ease-of-use features of commercial retail sites while handling the exacting standards and complex presentations required in the health sciences field. NSF launched a new brand and a new site with:

    • Simplified customer shopping experience for NSF’s complex products
    • Easy-to-use content management system, search engine optimization, a perpetual shopping cart, promotional marketing tools, customer service tools, analytics, and reporting
    • International shipping options
    • A new corporate identity as well as new sites in other languages