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  • Nobel Biocare
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    Nobel Biocare™ is a world leader in the field of innovative implant-based dental restorations.


    Health & Medical

    Multi-site / Multinational, Performance & Scalability, Third Party Integrations

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  • “The new Online Store enabled our customers to do e-business with us in a simple and robust way.”
    Cristian Corotto,
    Head of Online Channel

  • B2B Sales Leader Rapidly Scales International Presence


    Global B2B Expansion

    Nobel Biocare, a world leader in innovative implant-based dental solutions, sought a technology partner and platform that could successfully scale their complex international eCommerce vision. To capture missed online sales opportunities in all countries, the speed and scalability of these site launches were of the utmost importance. Nobel Biocare’s requirements:

    • Ability to manage 16 international sites within one centralized platform
    • Custom integrations with existing technologies
    • Enable fast international site deployments
    • Enhance online business service functionality


    Customize for Rapid International Launches & Scalability

    Nobel Biocare chose leading Magento Gold Solution Partner Pixafy to develop their Magento Enterprise Edition multi-site store with numerous custom modules, and integrations with existing technologies. Project achievements:

    • Framework enabled rapid international deployments, currently 16 sites live in 7 languages
    • Decoupled architecture allowing for efficient site updates and ultimate flexibility
    • Modular and easily customizable to meet each country’s specific requirements
    • Seamless integration with SAP, Salesforce, dynaTrace, and Paymetric
    • Custom functionality enabling both customers and sales representatives to securely and quickly order products on-the-go
    • Enhanced online shopping features such as product catalog capabilities, cart price rules, better tracking of orders in transit, and multiple payment methods and more to come


    Exponential Growth in New Markets

    After Pixafy developed and implemented Nobel Biocare’s Enterprise Edition site, sales and conversions skyrocketed and continue to grow exponentially. Nobel Biocare is empowered to leverage technology to achieve ambitious business goals, rather than being limited by inflexible platforms. The ability to rapidly deploy new sites enables Nobel Biocare to capture new markets and sales at a competitive pace. Key results:

    • 20% growth in AOV
    • 24% online sales increase
    • 20% traffic increase
    • Ability to launch a new country site in less than one week
    • Seamless integration with all backend systems