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  • Flinders
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    Flinders is a Dutch company dedicated to making beautiful home design products accessible and affordable to the general public.


    Home furnishings

    User experience, Third-Party Integration and Marketing

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  • Powerful features, the ability to create rich content and custom extensions made Magento Enterprise Flinders’ first choice for an eCommerce platform.

  • Dutch Home Design Company Boosts Sales by 160%


    Spread Company’s Unique Charm Online

    Flinders’ brick-and-mortar shop owed its success to the charming ambiance, high quality products, and reasonable prices it offered to a diverse shopper base. When the company decided to launch an eCommerce store, they knew it was essential to create a comparable experience for online visitors.

    To realize their vision, Flinders saw the need for a web store with the following features:

    • Interface that would allow people to upload photos of their own homes and view the interiors of other homes
    • In-depth blog that would inspire and inform customers
    • Site architecture and SEO designed to reach different segments of their target audience


    Custom Add-ons Create Dynamic Online Store

    Flinders’ turned to Magento Solution Partner MediaCT to create the new web store. MediaCT took advantage of the flexibility and customization capabilities of Magento Enterprise to position the company’s different products and content according to the customer type using the site.

    Magento-based features included:

    • Custom one-page checkout
    • Social media login interface
    • Binnenkijken (“Inside Look”) module for design image uploads and views
    • aheadWorks add-on for facilitation of top-tier blog, product reviews, customer service, and site search
    • Back-end landing page generator
    • Embedded ERP for rapid order completion and real time inventory data


    More Visitors, Bigger Orders, Increased Sales

    Since going live, the Flinders eCommerce store has sparked growth in brand awareness, sales, and profitability:

    • 1,000+ visitors per day
    • Average order values doubled
    • Revenue increased 160%