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    E.C. Kraus is a family owned business that has been providing the supplies and products to make wine and beer at home since 1966.

    North America

    Food & Beverage

    Performance and Scalability, User Experience & Design, Third Party Integrations, Marketing & Conversion

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    E.C. Kraus: A Home-Brewed Magento Success Story

    Family-owned business E.C. Kraus has been providing supplies for making beer and wine at home since 1966. Recently the company asked Magento Solution Partner Groove Commerce to create an eCommerce store that would cater to the different needs of their two main customer groups – wine makers and beer brewers.


  • "Our new site is a major leap from the old one"
    Ed Kraus,
    E.C. Kraus Directing Partner

  • E.C. Kraus: A Home-Brewed Magento Success Story


    Reaching Two Separate Markets

    Recognizing that their business caters to two different audiences – wine makers and beer brewers – the company’s ownership decided to overhaul their website in order to target each group based on their specific interests

    E.C. Kraus also wanted the redesign to accommodate overall growth. Shortcomings of the original site…

    • Inadequate customization capability
    • Needed more modern shopping experience combined with traditional “soul”
    • Inability to segment content for different customers
    • No ability to order multiple products without cumbersome navigation


    A Site that Works for All Customers

    Magento Gold Solution Partner Groove Commerce deployed a new eCommerce site on Magento Enterprise that tailors a unique experience for each target market, as well as enhancing overall style, speed, and usability.

    • Modular structure allows features to be added/removed without breaking the site
    • Search criteria that makes it easy for aficionados to pinpoint a specialty item
    • Full-page caching to increase overall site performance and decrease page load times
    • Design that combines traditional E.C. Kraus brand elements with up-to-date features
    • Cross-sell and up-sell functionality•Improved checkout process
    • Improved inventory and order management with BizSync XL Mail Order Manager integration
    • One-click shopping with a custom “quick order” form
    • Functionality that allows inclusion of free item with each order


    E.C. Kraus’ site now perfectly positions the company to thrive in a new era of online commerce.

    • Stylish, interactive experience for all customers
    • Powerful marketing and merchandising tools
    • Improved admin capabilities