Björn Borg
Customer Success Story

  • Björn Borg
  • Customer Profile

    Global brand Björn Borg manufactures and sells underwear, loungewear, socks, swimwear, sportswear, footwear, bags and fragrances.

    EMEA (Europe, Middle East, & Africa)

    Apparel and Accessories

    Marketing & Conversion, User Experience & Design, Multisite/Multinational

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  • “Magento was selected on the strength of recommendations from other eCommerce companies. I am very satisfied with the implementation and its performance to date.” Mikaela Jansson, eCommerce Manager at Björn Borg

  • Björn Borg Serves a Great Responsive Site


    Improve Functionality and Get Responsive

    Though Björn Borg’s eCommerce site delivers a relatively small proportion of the company’s total revenue at this stage, the company views it as strategically important to deeper customer engagement and future growth. Björn Borg’s previous site was not user friendly and the check-out process required navigation through a number of screens—a problem that contributed to cart abandonment. Björn Borg needed to make the site easier for both their customers and their staff to use while maintaining a low total cost of ownership. Their big ask was a responsive design that would:

    • Add more merchandising functionality and improve site-navigation
    • Simplify the checkout process
    • Improve management capabilities for in-house teams
    • Seamlessly manage 25,000+ products


    Redesigning with Responsiveness in Mind

    With a young and fashionable clientele, Björn Borg was keen to use its site to deliver a consistent and optimized customer experience, regardless of device and screen size, while staying true to its brand values of passion and innovation. Magento Gold Solution Partner Vaimo recommended a responsive redesign on Magento Enterprise Edition to deliver the customer experience that Björn Borg was looking for while saving the company a lot of time and money.

    Vaimo’s solution included stylish upgrages to their product display, product filtering functionality in the navigation and cross-selling functionality. Vaimo also improved Björn Borg’s checkout process including localizing currency and languages.


    Clean, Responsive Site = More Conversion

    In three-month’s time, Vaimo built a fantastic responsive site for Björn Borg with significantly improved navigation and checkout process. They also gave Björn Borg more control with the ability to manage ongoing web-developments such as content campaigns and promotions in-house. Since Björn Borg's re-launch:

    • Mobile revenue has increased 245%
    • Conversion rate has increased on mobile 178%
    • Transactions on tablet has increased 170%.
    • Mobile traffic has increased 168%, tablet traffic 87%
    • Google organic traffic has increased on mobile 390% and on tablet 275%