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  • Bambi Baby
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    Established in 1976, Bambi Baby is a family-owned and operated retail chain based in New Jersey. The company offers a hand-picked selection of quality children’s furniture, strollers, car seats, clothing, and accessories.

    North America

    Toys, Baby and Children’s Products

    Multi-site / Multinational, Performance & Scalability

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  • “Moving to Magento Enterprise Edition has made a huge improvement in what we do and what our capabilities are in continuing to grow.”
    Enelio Ortega,
    President & CEO

  • Bambi Baby Extends Its Personal Touch Online


    Fix Stability Issues and Modernize

    Bambi Baby came to Redstage with a ZenCart site that was having stability issues. In addition, they felt very limited by their platform, not easily able to update and extend their technology to be competitive in their space. ZenCart was not able to offer modern features like layered navigation and easy integrations with semantic search, more advanced marketing features and live chat. The client was also looking for a partner that was much more consultative, suggesting proven strategies, techniques, and technologies to help grow their business.


    Limitless Extensibility, Enhanced Features, Ongoing Support

    Bambi Baby selected Magento Enterprise Edition for its stability, limitless extensibility and scalability, and superior cost of ownership. Magento Gold Solution Partner Redstage built to take full advantage of Enterprise Edition’s built-in marketing features, including the intelligent rule-based marketing banners, and user experience features, like layered navigation. They enhanced the upsell and cross-sell features by adding customer behavior-based automated upsell technologies, including “who viewed this also viewed” and “frequently bought together.”


    Significant Increases in Revenue, Conversion and Traffic

    Partnering with Redstage and moving to Magento Enterprise Edition has provided Bambi Baby with some pretty fantastic results, including:

    • 50% increase conversion rate for desktop
    • 51% increase in smartphone traffic with the improved design
    • 37% increase in revenue for 4th quarter previous year

    By implementing Celebros Semantic Search technology, Redstage gave Bambi Baby a search tool that allows customers to use much more natural language in search and provide very accurate search results. Mailchimp and Zopim (live chat) were also very easy add-ons with their extensions.