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    Since its inception in 1998, AlphaCard has grown to become one of the world’s top providers of ID card printers and systems for businesses and organizations across all industries.

    North America

    B2B Office Equipment

    User Experience & Design, Marketing & Conversion, Configurable Product Ordering

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  • “Magento has given us the flexibility to quickly and affordably build solutions to meet all of our eCommerce business needs.” Amber Hanson, Senior Manager of eCommerce

  • B2B Supplier Chooses Flexibility Over Off-the-Shelf


    Get Control to Improve Performance and Usability

    Prior to switching over to Magento Enterprise Edition, AlphaCard's eCommerce website faced a number of challenges affecting its performance and usability. To support its growing global customer base of 30,000+ businesses, AlphaCard made the decision to do a complete replatforming. Major challenges AlphaCard faced:

    • Lack of layout and design control over portions of eCommerce site
    • Inability to customize checkout and product bundles
    • Not compliant with manufacturer’s MAP requirements
    • Online order history did not include phone orders
    • Search and navigation made it difficult to find products and parts quickly


    An Open Core, Customer-Driven Platform

    Recognizing the number of hurdles it faced, AlphaCard turned to Magento Enterprise Edition for its flexible eCommerce framework and integration abilities. AlphaCard's chose Enterprise Edition for a host of reasons including:

    • Open-core model provides complete control of design and functionality
    • Cost-effective to license and host
    • Abundance of affordable off-the-shelf extensions
    • Seamless integration with third-party systems (CRM, email marketing, blogging, etc.)
    • Huge installed base makes finding resources, forums, best practices and troubleshooting easy
    • Native filter-based product merchandising is customer-friendly and easy to use


    Double-Digit Increases in Conversion and Leads

    AlphaCard successfully launched their new Magento Enterprise Edition website on time, on scope and on budget. Using in-house development resources, they were able to customize the Magento Enterprise Edition platform to meet all of the goals of the project. Since the initial launch, they have started a process of testing and making iterative improvements, which has continued to enhance the overall performance of the site. Net-net, the project has driven a 32% increase in eCommerce conversion rate and a 38% increase in website leads compared to the previous year.