Alex and Ani
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  • Alex and Ani
  • Alex and Ani
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    Founded in 2004, lifestyle brand Alex and Ani is a retail pioneer in corporate consciousness with its sustainable initiatives and high quality, hand-crafted, eco-friendly jewelry, made 100% in America.

    North America

    Apparel & Accessories

    Marketing & Conversion, Performance & Scalability, User Experience & Design

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  • “We needed a platform to keep up with our explosive growth, and that was Magento.”
    Carolyn Rafaelian,
    Founder, Creative Director, and CEO

  • Charming Customers Online & Off for Outstanding Growth


    Support Exponential Growth of a Lifestyle Brand

    Named after two of her daughters, Alex and Ani sprang from Carolyn Rafaelian’s vision for sustainable jewelry, made in America, that captures a positive energy and gives women a unique opportunity to express their individuality. Rafaelian wanted Alex and Ani to be about mindful lifestyle and the introspective journey that the customer takes to express their spirituality; the resulting brand experience was so effective that they needed a site that could support their exponential growth without compromising their core values. Their site needed to:

    • Foster a seamless experience
    • Augment and extend the high-touch in-store experience online
    • Help engage customers in more personalized ways
    • Support their exponential growth


    Strategic Marketing Support, Data Driven Personalization

    Replatforming to Magento Enterprise Edition gave Alex and Ani the flexibility to integrate with marketing tools like Sailthru for CRM and personalization, Adobe for Analytics, and Audience Management and Kenshoo to drive deeper engagement across paid channels. They also partnered with THE SHOP, a Magento® Agency, to refine their social strategy and mobile presence and master frequency targeting and capping across channels. “We needed an agency that was able to not only understand the Magento platform, but to also scale,” said Ryan Bonifacino, VP of Digital at Alex and Ani. “We’re one of the fastest-growing retailers in the world so it made great sense for us to invest in the eBay Enterprise relationship.”


    Laser Focused Strategy = Astounding Growth

    Alex and Ani has seen meteoric growth with their data-driven strategy—5,221% and over $240 million in sales since 2010. Alex and Ani has not only grown from 30 to 1,000 employees since 2010, but they have also had a positive impact on 4,000 jobs in Rhode Island. Because of their work with eBay Enterprise and Kenshoo, Facebook ads accounted for $3.6 million of their revenue in 2013, and also helped them boost their AOV in Paid Social by 434% in six months. And, finally, true to their roots, Alex and Ani has also donated over $10M as a result of product sales from their Charity by Design program, with only 32 SKUs out of 2,000+.