Put the world's premier
Magento experts to work for you.

Magento's Expert Consulting Group (ECG) helps Magento Enterprise Edition merchants and Solution Partners maximize their success. Our experts offer comprehensive analysis and best practice recommendations, from architecture planning through post-deployment.

Featured ECG Services:

Architectural Advisory

Every decision matters when building an online store. We'll guide you through the pre-development phase so that you have a solid foundation for eCommerce success. With a Magento Senior Architect, your development team can achieve optimal coding standards, performance and upgradability from the start.

Architectural Advisory PDF

Custom Module Development

Magento gives you the flexibility to extend and modify native functionality. But you're limited by your knowledge of Magento architecture, standards and modular dependencies. We'll define, document, build and test custom modules to meet your unique business needs and accelerate time to market.

Custom Module Development PDF

Performance Review

When it comes to eCommerce, speed is of the essence. Our ECG team will assess the performance and configuration of your environment and provide keen insights and recommendations to improve your site's transaction rates and response time while maximizing user capacity.

Performance Review PDF