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Using Redis as a Cache Backend in Magento

By: Alexey Samorukov, Aleksandr Lozhechnik, Kirill Morozov | June 12th, 2015

The most common cache storage recommendation for Magento users running multiple web nodes

is to implement the TwoLevels backend – that is, to use Memcache together with the

database. However, there are notable issues with this approach. First, the core_cache_tag

table constantly grows. On average, each web site has about 5 million records. If a system

has multiple web sites and web stores with large catalogs, it can easily grow to 15 million

records in less than a day. Second, the TwoLevels backend is more difficult to maintain

because two services are required to make it work which makes it difficult to analyze cache

content when necessary. Further, memcached itself has limitations such as a maximum object

size and fixed bucket sizes which also contribute to difficult maintenance. Finally, the

TwoLevels backend does not scale well, since using the database as part of the cache

backend adds additional load to the master database server. Additionally, there is no

reliable method for memcached replication.

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