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Magento's Expert Consulting Group (ECG) is at the forefront of eCommerce innovation. Our premier experts have vast experience working with top merchants globally, and we will continuously publish articles on topics that are important for technologists working with Magento.


Powering Magento with Ngnix and PHP-FPM

By: Yuri Golovko and Alexey Samorukov | June 12th, 2015

Anyone looking for a simple Magento hosting solution should consider LAMP (Linux/Apache/

MySQL/PHP). However, there are cases when Apache with mod_php may not be an optimal

solution, particularly if your web sites have dynamic content which is generated by PHP scripts in

addition to static files. The purpose of this article is to explore the reasons behind this observation

and to demonstrate how using Ngnix with PHP-FPM can help.

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Using Redis as a Cache Backend in Magento

By: Alexey Samorukov, Aleksandr Lozhechnik, Kirill Morozov | June 12th, 2015

The most common cache storage recommendation for Magento users running multiple web nodes

is to implement the TwoLevels backend – that is, to use Memcache together with the database.

However, this configuration may not be ideal, particularly as new cache storage options come to light.

This article covers how using Redis as a cache backend can offer significant benefits over the

TwoLevels backend approach.

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Conquer the 5 Most Common Magento Coding Issues to Optimize Your Site for Performance

By: Olexander Zarichniy | June 12th, 2015

In any eCommerce implementation, system performance can mean the difference between satisfied customers and frustrated customers who shop elsewhere. In particular, PHP code performance issues can have immediate critical impact to the business.

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Magento Customer Segments: Under the Hood

By: Oleksii Pilgui | June 12th, 2015

Magento Enterprise has a robust promotion engine that enables merchants to target products to specific audiences. Because targeting customer segments can be a labor-intensive process, automation is crucial to a promotion’s success. This article focuses on the internal functionality of Magento’s Customer Segment module and briefly touches upon three related modules: TargetRule, Banner and SalesRule.

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Improving Magento Front-End Performance

By: Alexey Laguta | October 10th, 2014

If your Magento website consistently loads in less than two seconds, congratulations! You already have a high-performing site. But if your site is like the vast majority of websites that take longer than two seconds to load—even for users with a fast internet connection—this article is for you.

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