Magento Announces Version 1.7 Release of Magento Enterprise Edition

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Focus on Enhancing Customer Loyalty, Highly Tuned Page Performance and Added Administrative Functionality

Los Angeles, CA - Tuesday, January 19, 2010 – Varien, the Magento company, today announced the version 1.7 Release of its Magento Enterprise Edition eCommerce platform. The new release features enhancements and new functionality focusing on enhancing customer loyalty through a reward points system, performance enhancement through full page caching and many other key administrative functionality improvements.

“Magento Enterprise Edition version 1.7 continues to deliver innovative new features that aim to improve overall performance and augment merchants’ capabilities when managing their operations,” said Roy Rubin CEO of Varien, the Magento Company. “We’ve also added functionality to enhance customers’ relationships with merchants through our easily configurable, yet sophisticated reward point system.”

Magento Enterprise Edition version 1.7 features the all new reward points system, which allows merchants to implement unique programs designed to enhance user experience and increase customer loyalty. Points are awarded based on purchases, as well as actions such as registering on the site, inviting others to register, submitting product reviews and more. Points are managed by customers through their account and are redeemable at checkout time towards the price of a purchase.

Magento Enterprise Edition version 1.7 also places a focus on highly tuned page performance by making use of Full Page Caching. Forrester Research has recently hailed caching as the “best practice” behind some of the internet’s fastest sites and new performance optimizations included in this version of Magento Enterprise Edition provide significant benefits for merchants of all sizes through a new Full Page Caching module. The optimizations, which together with other performance- enhancing functionality already in Magento, significantly reduce page load times, increase conversions, and enhance the customer browsing experience.

Additionally, Magento Enterprise Edition version 1.7 includes no less than fifteen new features available to store administrator users to help augment the range of tools administrators have at their disposal for managing their site. These include such features as sales report optimization, WYSIWYG Editing for Products, Categories, and email templates, Design Theme & Packages Facilitation, Custom Variables for use in email templates and CMS, and upgrades to the Magento Enterprise Edition CMS+ content management engine.
“The features in the new Edition of Magento Enterprise represent some key value drivers for merchants looking to receive the best return on their investment in an eCommerce platform,” said Rubin. “We’ve improved performance through optimized caching and have added significant capabilities for administrators as well as a key customer facing feature in our reward points system. We hope these enhancements will continue to power merchants’ visions and help them get the most out of the platform.”

An informational webinar demonstrating these new features has been scheduled for Wednesday, January 27th at 9am Pacific Time and you can find more information here:

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Koby Oz
Marketing Director
Varien, Inc.