Magento and Merchant e-Solutions New Partnership Advances Payment Processing for Global Open Source

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

LOS ANGELES and REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Nov. 3, 2010—Online commerce for businesses of all sizes just got easier today with the integration of Merchant e-Solution’s (MeS) online payment processing services with Magento’s popular open source eCommerce platform. 

As an industry leader of global payment solutions, MeS provides Magento merchants with an integrated payment platform that includes credit and debit card processing in over 150 international currencies, gateway services and real-time web-based reporting with over five years of data. Magento is the fastest-growing open source global eCommerce platforms, providing merchants with complete flexibility and control over the user experience, content and functionality of their online channels.

“Pairing Magento’s powerful and flexible eCommerce solution with MeS’ global eCommerce payment platform provides merchants with a fast, secure and cost-effective way to do business online,” said Roy Rubin, CEO of Magento.

“Merchant e-Solution’s comprehensive solutions are specifically designed for easy implementation and management within Magento’s eCommerce solution,” said Charles Jadallah, EVP of Business Development of Merchant e-Solutions.

“The (MeS) plug-in was a snap. We got up and running within a day of getting our merchant account set-up and now finance loves the fact that completed transactions are available online for review. All departments can now effectively work together,” said Joe Wong, Aviva Systems Biology, a Magento and Merchant e-Solutions customer.

MeS offers Magento merchants a simple to use plug-in allowing merchants to securely process payment transactions at highly competitive rates. Real-time, integrated reporting is managed within the Magento interface via the plug–in. Advanced reporting is supported through MeS web reports, including the display of merchant driven Magento information.  By applying with MeS, a merchant works with only one vendor for their gateway and merchant account, eliminating third party fees and associated technical issues.

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About Magento

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About Merchant e-Solutions (MeS)

Merchant e-Solutions, founded in 1999, provides Internet-based payment processing solutions for merchants and banks. Merchant e-Solutions currently processes more than $14 billion dollars in payments for more than 65,000 merchants, supporting 150 global currencies and all major credit, debit and alternative payment solutions. The company specializes in services for eCommerce and card-not-present merchants and provides a comprehensive suite of payment solutions that are PCI compliant and designed to reduce merchant risk exposure. Merchant e-Solutions is headquartered in Redwood City, CA, with operations in Spokane, WA, and satellite offices in Minneapolis, MN, and Columbus, GA. For more information, go to