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Study Group Moderator's Kit

Study Group Moderator's Kit - Magento Developer Certification

The Magento Developer Certification Study Group Moderator's Kit is designed to prepare participants for the challenge of taking the Magento Developer Certification Exam.

The kit provides the moderator with the tools to set up and run a study group. The kit includes a structure for the content, a time frame, and exercises and sample solutions to facilitate the group study.

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Certification Study Groups


Social Learning: Magento Certified Developer Preparation
Study Group – Moderator’s Kit

Developers in the Magento Community have been creating their own study groups to help prepare for the certification exam. To support that effort, Magento U now offers this kit to arm the moderator of a study group with the program content needed to enable group and self-study in an effective, programmatic way. The group activities guide the student through the study guide, Magento source code and structured exercises in a manner that facilitates coverage of exam topics in a group setting.

Who Should Buy this Kit?

Any developer who meets the pre-requisites for taking the exam can become a moderator of a study group and use this kit to drive the learning of a team.

This kit can also be purchased and used by an individual preparing for the exam.

Content Included in the Moderator Kit

A downloadable package of content including PDF’s and sample code files:
  • Detailed agenda for each meeting
  • Moderator Guidelines
  • Study Guide
  • Multiple Exercises per topic area
  • Twelve Sample Exercise (code) solution (one per topic area)
  • Participant Handouts

Note: The topics from the Plus certification exam are not part of this Study Group program.


What Makes the Moderator’s Kit Different

Using the Study Kit can increase your chances of passing the Magento certification exam. Not only will you benefit from focused exercises that will hone your skills, you will be exposed to other developers' expertise as you study together.

Meeting Structure

The meetings are designed to give the participants and moderator a chance to review and discuss the certification topics. The weekly meetings help keep the momentum of the group progressing through the study guide and exercises. Each week the group will meet to discuss and review one section from the exam. Group discussion will focus on reviewing the exercises from the previous week and an introduction to the topic of the current week. The questions asked in each section of the study guide act as a framework for this discussion. By discussing these as a group, participants will benefit from the knowledge and approaches to the exercises taken by other group members. At the conclusion of the meeting, a brief introduction of the exercises for the week is given and the meeting concludes with Q&A. The moderator’s role is to guide and facilitate these meetings.


The exercises focus the students on specific areas of Magento that are covered by the certification exam. Solving the exercises requires participants to apply knowledge which is applicable to many areas of the exam. A participant who is already familiar with the topics should be able to complete the weekly exercises
within 4-8 hours.

Meeting Outline

Meeting 1

  • Introductions
  • High level overview of the Study Guide topics
  • Explaining the meeting format for the following meetings

Meeting 2

  • Basics
  • Request Flow

Meeting 3

  • Rendering
  • Widgets

Meeting 4

  • ORM
  • Database
  • Setup Scripts

Meeting 5

  • EAV

Meeting 6

  • Adminhtml

Meeting 7

  • Catalog

Meeting 8

  • Catalog Price Rules
  • Shopping Cart Price Rules
  • API

Meeting 9

  • Checkout

Meeting 10

  • Orders, Invoices, Shipments, Credit memos
  • Shipping

Meeting 11

  • Payment

Meeting 12

  • Customer
  • Review


How is this different from the free study guide?
The moderator study kit has sample exercises and solutions that are similar to the exam that the free study guide does not have. Also, you will have the benefit of studying with other developers and learning from their expertise.

Who should buy this kit?
Any developer who meets the pre-requisites for taking the exam can become a moderator of a study group and use this kit to drive the learning of a team.

This kit can also be purchased and used by an individual preparing for the exam.

How long is the program?
Twelve 1-hour meetings for group study. Additional time will be required outside of meetings for participants to complete the exercises.

How many people should I have in my group?
We recommend 8-12 participants (including the moderator) per group.

Can I ask the study group participants to pitch in on the cost of the kit?
Yes, we encourage you to ask your study group to share the cost of the kit with you.

How do I find a group?
We recommend that moderators creating a public open group and post it on the Magento Community Forums. If you cannot find one that meets your needs, consider starting your own.