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Magento Developer Certification is a mid-advanced level certification geared toward professional developers that have real-world experience with Magento implementations. The exams provide a way for qualified, experienced Magento developers to demonstrate and validate.

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Format: Multiple Choice Exam

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Magento Certification Study Groups

Magento Certified Developer Exams are created by an Advisory Board of Magento’s own developer gurus with the input of experts from the global Magento ecosystem. See the Advisory Board.


Developers who pass one of the exams can use the valued Magento Certified Developer credential in marketing their services. There are two exams in the Magento Certified Developer portfolio:

A Magento Certified Developer can skillfully use all business processes in Magento, such as:

  • Structure of catalog, indexes, promotions, price generation logic
  • Architecture of checkout, payment/shipment methods, sales/order processing
  • Advanced core knowledge — forms/grids full functionality, API, widgets, etc.

A Certified Magento Developer can make design decisions on the code level, including how to parse data files, steps of import, data verification, logging (etc.)

About the Exam

  • 85 multiple choice questions (70 scored and 15 unscored)
  • 120 minutes to complete the exam
  • Based on Magento Community Edition 1.8
  • No hard-copy or online materials may be referenced during the exam
  • No prerequisites; we recommend taking Fundamentals of Magento Development course as a first step
  • Study Guide available from Resources tab

The Magento Certified Developer Plus is skillful in the use of Magento Enterprise Edition and has delved into details of the structure of Magento that many have not often explored, but which can give someone an advantage when implementing a site using Magento.

About the Exam

  • 100 multiple choice items (85 scored and 15 unscored)
  • 150 minutes to complete the exam
  • Questions relating to the Magento Community Edition are based on v.1.8 and questions relating to Magento Enterprise Edition are based on v.1.13
  • No hard-copy or online materials may be referenced during the exam
  • No prerequisites; we recommend taking Fundamentals of Magento Development course as a first step
  • Study Guide available from Resources tab

Benefits of Magento Certification

Magento Developer Certification benefits all members of the global Magento ecosystem:

Individual Developers:

  • Be recognized for your Magento skills
  • Build credibility with your peers and network
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Increase your value and income
  • Gain additional knowledge through preparation and training
  • Promote your credentials via use of the Magento Certified Developer logo on your CV or Resume

Hiring Managers:

  • Easily identify qualified developers
  • Find Magento partners that have teams of Magento Certified Developers

Solution Partners:

  • Ensure your developers have the right skills
  • Showcase your team's qualifications

Study Group Moderator's Kit

See Moderator’s Kit

Many developers started forming study groups to prepare for the Magento Developer certification exam. The Magento U team has developed a tool to help those who are looking to moderate study groups.

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Exam Logistics
Program Details
After the Exam
Exam Logistics

Q: Where can I take the exam & how do I register?
A: The exam is offered world-wide through Prometric testing centers. For specific locations, please go to You can register one of three ways:

  1. Online at
  2. Onsite at your local Prometric center
  3. Phone 1 866.664.9501

Q: How much is the exam fee?
A: The cost of each exam is $260.

Q: What information do I need to schedule an appointment?
A: Please be prepared to provide the following when scheduling an appointment:

  1. Valid ID
    1. Valid government-issued ID with name in English alphabet, photograph and signature
    2. The name used to schedule your appointment must exactly match the name on your ID
  2. Social Security, Social Insurance or Prometric Testing ID (SP#) Number
  3. Contact Phone Numbers
  4. Mailing Address – Your certificate will be mailed to this address
  5. Exam Number and Title
    1. Magento Certified Developer: M70-101
    2. Magento Certified Developer Plus: M70-201
    3. Front End Certified Developer: M70-301
  6. Email Address
    1. Please ensure your email address matches the Magento account ID you will providing (see next line)
  7. Magento Account ID Number
    1. This should be your personal Magento account ID in order to link your certification to your account
      1. Please ensure your Magento account ID matches the email address you will be providing
    2. This information can be found in the top left of your Magento My Account page.
  8. Method of Payment – You will be prompted to enter a Voucher Number

Q: What identification is required on-site at the testing center?
A: You must present two (2) valid government-issued forms of ID – one with a photo, and both with a signature. For more information visit

Q: Where do I find detailed information about exam scheduling, cancellation and test center regulations?
A: Prometric provides you with service via the web or their full service call centers. All information you need to plan your exam appointment is available on their website:

Program details

Q: Where can I find general information regarding certification requirements and test information?
A: You can find detailed descriptions for both exams on the Magento website: (Magento Certified Developer, Magento Certified Developer Plus) (Magento Certified Front End Developer) (Magento Certified Solution Specialist)

Q: What is the difference between the Magento Developer Standard and Plus exams?
A: The Developer Plus exam contains additional challenge items and questions relating to Enterprise Edition 1.12.

Q: What is the difference between the Magento Certified Developer/Plus and the Magento Certified Front End Developer exams?
A: The Magento Front End Certification is geared toward front end developers whose main focus is modifying the user interface of existing functionality. The Magento Developer/Developer Plus exams are for back end developers who work to implement new features or customizations to Magento.

Q: What are the differences between the developer-focused exams and the Magento Solution Specialist exam?
A: The Magento Solution Specialist exam is designed for those whose role is focused on aligning client’s business objectives with Magento functionality.

Q: Which question types are on the test?
A: The exams are made up of Multiple Choice questions and include both single and multiple answer questions. In the case of a multiple answer question, the number of answers required will be indicated in the question.

Q: What is a passing score for the exams?
A: To be granted a certification, you must achieve the following passing scores:

  • Magento Certified Developer exam: 37 or higher
  • Magento Certified Developer Plus exam: For sections 11 & 12 combined a score of 7 or higher AND meet the overall passing score of 48 or higher
  • Magento Certified Front End Developer exam: 44 or higher
  • Magento Certified Solution Specialist exam: 39 or higher

Q: What resources are available to help me prepare for the exam?
A: Please review the information contained in the Certification section of the Magento website: Click ‘More Info’ for the exam which you are interested in taking. The official Magento Certification study guides can be downloaded from the resources tab

Q: Can I take study materials into the exam with me?
A: Magento exams are closed book, and not study materials are allowed during the exam.

Q: Are there any sample exams I can review?
A: We do not have any sample exams; however, at the back of the Study guide we have included some sample questions for reference.
For those taking the Magento Certified Developer exam, we also offer a Magento Moderated Certification Study Group that meets online and a Moderator’s Kit that allows someone to set up group study or study for the exam on their own using the exercises included.

Q: What is the test duration?
A: Testing time is as follows:

  • Magento Certified Developer exam: 90 minutes
  • Magento Certified Developer Plus exam: 120 minutes
  • Magento Certified Front End Developer exam: 150 minutes
    1. See Unscored Items
  • Magento Certified Solution Specialist: 90 minutes
Your total appointment time with Prometric is approximately 30 additional minutes to allow you the time to check in, review the NDA, answer a short demographic survey and get your results.

Q: What are unscored items?
A: Unscored items are additional questions that will not affect the outcome of your exam. They are included in the exam to test the questions for inclusion in future versions of the exam. You will be notified if your exam will include unscored items at the beginning of the test. However, you will not be told which questions are scored and which are not. In the event of unscored items, you will have additional time added to your exam.

Q: Is there a non-disclosure agreement associated with the exam?
A: Yes, before attempting an exam, you must agree to the terms of the non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Q: What are examples of unauthorized Training materials mentioned in the NDA?
A: Brain dump websites offer "study guides" or practice materials that come with a guarantee of a passing score. Candidates should watch for basic signs of brain dumps, which include lures like money-back guarantees, 100% pass rates, and other "too-good-to-be-true" promises.

Q: Where can I report a brain dump website or other illegitimate preparation site?
A: To report the site, please send an email and include the URL to

Q: What are the consequences for using unauthorized Training materials?
A: If Magento believes fraud has been involved in your exam taking, Magento has the right to deny you any further participation in the Exam, cancel a passed Exam result, and revoke your certified status and any other rights previously conferred on you by Magento, and/or permanently bar you from any further participation in Magento’s Certification program.

After the Exam

Q: How long must I wait before receiving my results?
A: You will receive your results immediately upon completing the exam.

Q: What should I do to receive my certificate?
A: Your official printed certificate will be mailed to the address on your MAG account. Be sure to include any company names, suite numbers, etc. in the address to ensure it is complete. Please allow 4-6 weeks to receive your certificate. If your mailing address has changed, please contact and log in to your Magento account to update it.

Q: How long is my certification valid?
A: There is no expiration on a certification. Candidates are encouraged to re-certify when an updated exam is released, to validate their skills on the latest technology.

Q: I have passed a Magento certification exam. Why is my certification not linked to my Magento account?
A: This is the case when a candidate mistakenly provides a Magento account ID different from their personal Magento account ID, or provides an email address different than that which is associated with their Magento account. Email to provide corrected information.

Q: I have passed a Magento certification exam. How can I make my profile visible in the Magento Certification Directory?
A: Email to request your profile be made visible in the directory.

Q: My profile appears in the Magento Certification Directory. However, my CITY/STATE/COUNTRY information is missing. How can I add that information?
A: If your CITY/STATE/COUNTRY is missing from the directory, it means you need to update your billing address in your MAG account.

Q: I have provided an incorrect Magento account ID or email address at the time of registration. How do I correct this?
A: Magento will contact you in this case, but you can also send an email to

Q: I work for a Magento Partner, and have passed my exam. How do I link my certification to my company’s account?
A: You can link your certification to your company’s account on the ‘Certification’ tab present in your Magento account.

Q: I have passed the Magento Certified Developer exam. Is there a subset of questions I can answer to achieve the Magento Certified Developer Plus exam instead of having to take the entire exam?
A: The exams are completely separate and you should register and take the exam that best fits with your current set of skills.

Q: What do I do if I do not pass the exam?
A: In the event you fail the exam on your first attempt, you will be required to wait for a period of at least fifteen (15) calendar days before you may re-take the exam. For subsequent failed attempts, you will be required to wait (90) calendar days from the date of your last attempt before re-taking the exam.

Q: Can I review the correct answers at the completion of the test?
A: You will receive a summary of how you performed in each topic area of the exam, but not the specific questions and answers.

Q: Is there a discount available for repeat test-takers?
A: In the event that you do not pass the exam, you will receive an email with information on re-testing.

Q: Who do I contact if I have more questions?
A: Please send an email containing your questions and contact information to

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