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Specific Content Types/ CMS capabilities
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Hi guys

We’re coming from a drupal background and so have got used to it’s incredible flexibility. Especially the views and CCK modules that basically allow anyone to create their own content types, define the fields and then create views of this content.

So you want a news article, simple create a content type with fields for title, body, and use the baked in associated node data to store the username and date when the article was created. Next step create a view that shows the title, an extract from the body, and link, and lists them in pages of 10 or 20 or whatever.

So now my reasoning behind this post. How can we achieve similar things with Magento. Looking at it’s CMS capabilities we can see pages, how can we define our own content types? And then views of those content types? Do we need to write our own modules for this? Or are there other avenues open to us? Any help here would be great, even if it’s just others experiences as I’m sure we’re not the only ones out there wanting this functionality.

Another question. What platform is running on? It would be really interesting to know. Is it some other CMS platform? Is it a number of components pieced together? Or have you managed to achieve it using the maganeto platform?

Thanks in advance, Mike.

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