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The way multiple stores is done is messed up. 
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Try doing the following, and you will understand the frustration.

Make a main store with all of your products.
Make a wholesale store (following the tutorial for making multiple stores) that runs off a separate catalog category (Root Wholesale ie.)

Now, use the same homepage CMS for both stores. For instance, you have a homepage that pulls in the newest products, use it for both the main store and wholesale store (makes sense). You can do with from within the configuration.

Now, if you go to the wholesale store, you will see all of the new products that are actually part of the main store! This is lame.

Now, I figure if I go into the product settings and click on the websites tab, I can assign it to ONLY the main store. Great right? No, it still shows the new products from the main store, on the wholesale cms page. This is dumb. If I don’t assign it to the wholesale store, then don’t have it show up!

This has been driving me nuts, and certainly will drive my clients away from using Magento, if they decide on having a wholesale store (which happens a lot).

Hopefully this is done much better in the next release.

The only way to work around this is to assign every product to both the wholesale and main store. Then you have to go to the right store view and assign it as disabled if you don’t want it to show up for a specific store. Really annoying, especially when you have a ton of products to add.

Also, try assigning the default customer group for the wholesale side to wholesalers, and assign a 20% discount for the wholesale group. Then, do a product import of a bunch of products. Then you have to enable them (UHG) as default, and for the store you want them in, and then disable them for the store you don’t. Well, try going to the store you just added them to, they will show up, but the special price won’t show up. For it to show up, you have to go to that product in the administration, go to the settings, and click the save button (without even changing any settings..). Then the special price will show up. How buggy is that.

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