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shipping problems - free shipping, Google Checkout and Coupons
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I’m having trouble with the shipping in my store, I want to offer free shipping on all orders over £50 and have a flat rate for the other orders but I have a few issues.

1. I have setup the free shipping which works but is not what my client is after, the problem with it is that when the order is over £50, the option is available for free shipping but is not selected. Ideally I would like it to be selected as default and to not even offer the option of the flat rate shipping is this possible?

2. My other big issue is that the free shipping doesn’t transfer to Google checkout, I have had to setup the flat rate charge and the free shipping as an option on Google but this is no good as anyone can select free shipping even if their order doesn’t qualify.

I have an idea to get around this problem by making the free shipping a discount coupon that is applied to every order under £50 and actually adds on £5, and then I could edit the word Discount out of the cart and replace it with the words ‘Shipping Charge’. This would work as Google recognises the coupons but would be a problem when I needed to add an actual discount coupon.

Would this be fixed with level 2 Google integration?

Any help would be much appreciated; I’m so close to finishing this now.


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There have been issues with Google Checkout UK. See here for fix:

For auto-shipping quote, see here for an extension:

Hope this help!

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