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Google checkout callback for affiliates and adwords tracking
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Joined:  2008-04-09

I have search the forum for anyone with answers to my problem which I am sure will affect many in the future.

I have put up my first shop and orders are coming in nicely. I chose to use Google checkout as I spend a lot (too much) money with google on adwords and I want to benefit for the reduction in credit card processign fees.

I also use affiliates extensively and they are very important to me.

The issues I am having;
1. When people chechout using Google (the only option I give them), they dont need to register (there seems no-way in Magento to force this on google checkout), so I capture no date in the Magento dashboard.
2. When they return from Google checkout after completing payment (im still struggling to get the call back to work), I dont have any information coming back so I cant put the affiliate success code on the return page to pay the affiliates.
3. I need to use Google Adwords tracking code to optimise my spend with Google and this again requires code on the success landing page

Basically the same problem but will solve a number of issues.

Any help would be most appreciated

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