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M2E pro product management (sandbox to live) + Good till canceled? 
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Joined:  2014-03-04

I want to change to Magento and I’m currently fiddling with the M2E pro plugin, but I can’t get the things working how I want them to be.

I have a eBay Sandbox account at the moment and can list my products there, but when I want to list an Item for more than 30 days
(good till canceled) it gives me an error, that it’s not permitted for this category. No matter what category I choose.

The other thing is, the Website is at the moment only locally and is only connected to the sandbox account.
How can I put the Website online, keeping my plugins, themes and configuration, also then being able to change my products from sandbox to live?

Also I’d like to be able later to sync my products first on the sandbox and then put it to the live eBay site, is this possible (eg. if I want to put up multiple products in a row)?

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