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Semi-duplicate directories, patch submission and stock management
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We are currently doing some in-house development on magento, and I discovered this morning that I could not check out the code in our svn-repo. A quick investigation showed that in /media/catalog/product/ there had been directories created that weren’t in the original distribution. This, as up until yesterday, was not a problem, however the windows-machine I’m currently on has a hard time facing directories named “A” and “a” right next to eachother.

When creating directories for product pictures, strtolower() should probably be used, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Also, we have created a few minor patches in the area of SEO, and are going to go over some other parts as well. These have been relatively “intrusive” patches ( adding parameters to the load() of Category and Product, in order to verify that the product/category ID matches the given string ( in order to disable duplicate content ) ). What’s the SOP for submitting these patches?

And finally, we’re looking to implement a custom warehouse-management system alongside Magento, with some hooks for stock levels and quantities left. I can’t for the life of me find where these parts are actually triggered in Magento ( the count in stock is in the DB, but where is it actually used? ). Any tips on this?

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