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I want to add an image with a product and found the following instructions about that:
“By default, Magento requires you to designate three image types: Thumbnail, Small, and Base. These images each correspond to different locations on the front-end where they will display. When first creating a product, you will not have any custom images uploaded. Therefore, all three image types will be set to No image. This means that they will use your global Product Image Placeholders. To configure these, navigate to System > Configuration, click the Catalog tab in the left column, and upload a placeholder image for each image type. To add custom images to a product, click Browse Files and locate the desired image. “

I did the place holder thing, but after that the button Browse Files still does not work. It cannot be clicked.
With place holders I filled in the address of a image, which I stored on my PC in different sizes.

What I have to do or do wrong at the moment?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

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