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Problems with website displaying correctly and working correctly on iphones
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2013-03-06

I have only just noticed that my website is not displaying properly and working properly on iphones.  It does seem to work on android phones and tablets and a MacBook.  I am using Magento Community v using the Avanti Theme.  I have tried inserting the string

iPhone|iPod|BlackBerry|Palm|Googlebot-Mobile|Mobile|mobile|mobi|Windows Mobile|Safari Mobile|Android|Opera Mini

in the Sys/config/design/themes - Add exceptions - have disabled cache - then saved the exceptions - then enabled and refreshed the cache but nothing I have done seems to work.

The site does display and work properly on Androids as I said earlier

As I have said in previous questions I am a techno idiot and have no tech help support - so any fixes would need to be on a \\\"website for dummies\\\” basis, please!

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