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Magento ver. 1.0.19870.1 install fails on some hosted, shared servers
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I am new to Magento, and my first experience of trying to install it has been a nightmare. Anyway, after much tearing out of hair and PHP config tweaking, I have found the problem; Ver# 1.0.19870.1 would appear to try and validate the base URL ,at the point in the install where the DB parameters are input.  On my system, and it would appear a number of others, this results in an Error message: “URL not accessible” and the install fails.

Problem is, a number of hosting companies(including the one I use) block calling a local URL from the local host.  The reasoning is that if someone has some bad code that loads files through a URL, instead of directly from the file system, it can impact other users of the server - not sure if this is a valid concern, but nonetheless, this is what they do. 

To verify that this is the cause of your problem, and to eliminate PHP config issues. From your local server (assumes you have some kind of shell access): telnet 80 If access is blocked, you will get an Access Denied error message.

If you are using PEAR to upgrade an earlier version of Magento, you will probably not see the problem, which leads me to the “workaround” I used to implement a new install.

Basically, I used the install instructions written by Crucial in the post at: BUT at the point where the instructions tell you to upgrade to latest version using PEAR stop! and use your browser to complete the 1.0 install, THEN you can continue with the upgrade.

In hindsight, I could probably have modified the installer code, but now my system is working, I can’t see much point wink

There are potentially other things that could break the base URL check, but at the moment I cannot think of another solution, perhaps there should be an option to skip it.

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Interesting, never seen that error before, but glad it’s fixed. By the way, I put a wiki up on our group that has (probably) updated instructions for installing Magento (4 different ways). Just in case anyone read that link you posted, they should use this one instead:

I also added your workaround in there.

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