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Adding Customer Note to Checkout Page
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Alright so I was a little surprised to find that there wasn’t a customer note field on checkout even though it exists in the database presumably for the backend.  So I wanted to add it on the frontend so that they could let us know any concerns or questions, which is often the case on our main website.

Knowing that customer_note exists in the database already, I was hoping this would be a trivial thing to add, so far not quite.  I see that in app/code/core/checkout/model/type/onepage.php there is, let’s say the saveBilling function.  It is passed in $data, $customerAddressId.  $data is an array that contains everything passed from $this->getRequest()->getPost(’billing’, array());.  Also you can see that $customerAddressId = $this->getRequest()->getPost(’billing_address_id’, false);.  I assume this means that if you are giving it billing and an array it will get the entire _POST object but if you specify the specific field in the _POST object and false then it will only get that info.  So far I haven’t gotten it to save the CustomerNote.

Next I looked at onepagecontroller.php and noted that there is the saveBillingAction() which pulls from the saveBilling array.  My thought then is that since the controller is getting the actual request and post data I can do $customerNote = $this->getRequest()->getPost(’customer_note’, false); and pass saveBilling($data, $customerAddressId, $customerNote); and use that.  But so far it’s not working.  Any thoughts anyone?


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