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The Best Way to Boost conversion Rate of your Online Store
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You as know, Checkout is the last step in the buying process, so you need to avoide any barriers which prevent customers to place an order. But many of the eCommerce websites are not friendly enough for the checkout processes.

As usual, There’re 6 steps for the default Magento checkout processes. For each step, the customer needs to click and wait. This is a big barrier for many of the customers as when they see 6 steps ahead, they are frustrated and they may not want to finish them.

Obviously, customers will prefer to have an One Step checkout page. As they could fill in all the necessary information within one page and checkout immediately

Make sure when you program or use any one step checkout extension for your Magneto store, please fully test the checkout processes. Many of the 3rd party onestep checkout extensions are not fully tested and it will be worst to have them on your website then the default onepage checkout from Magento. The One Step Checkout extension from Mage- Shop is the one that has been fully tested and run smoothly on many Magento websites.

Moreover, we have released OneStepCheckout version 2.0 with multiple languages and mobile theme support. If you want to have version 2.0, please select right option bellow.

New featuresin version 2.0,

Multi languages support, languages are updated in .CSV file. So, it will allow admin to add new languages or edit text translations to have right contents
Mobile theme support, that mean you can use our one step checkout extension for your website mobile version
Automatically select shipping method to font end, In the case your website is configured with only one shipping method
Automatically select payment method to font end, if your website is configured with only one payment method

Existing features are in one step checkout version 1.0.x

User friendly checkout interface
All steps on a single page
Ajax email validation
Ajax loading script
Automatically update the Grand total on alteration of shipping method
Light box login box
Very easy to configure options in admin back end
Configurable payment method
Clabels are changable
Flexible displays for fields whether mandatory or optional and enabled or disabled
Optional checkbox for billing address to be shipping address
Configurable delivery options with different delivery cost for countries
Automatically update the Grand total on selection of delivery option
Automatically update the delivery option when shipping address is changed
Optional or already-checked box for Newsletters subscription
Checkbox for Terms and Condition agreement
Enable/ disable gift message box
Multi-stores support
Visit our store at:

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