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How Do i build a provisionbased one-stop-shop
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Marzipane World Capital (Lübeck, Germany)

I’m currently working on the planning of a project whre the main feature is a shopsystem.
The current features of Magento intrigued me to think that this is ‘our’ shop. there are a some question i need to be answered, to make that intelligent decision, since they more of a ‘how do i’ nature i’ve posted it here.
sorry if that is inconvienient.

The basic idea is, that the Partners are delivering their products, we import them (ca. 10000) and get provisions if a purchase is made(a bit like Ebay). Question is , is this possible with Magento?
The import of data is my next concern. I’ve read a post about that from last year. how far and good is it? and what kind of formats are supported?

Sorry again if this question are sounding a bit ‘green’, Magento is a bit to complex to evaluate in that kind of hurry that i am in and i would appreciate any input.  wink

Jan Behrens

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