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Searching for the placeholder in my searchbar
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2014-03-02


i´m searching in my store by using the Varien.searchform and this works fine,
however, if i try to search for the given placeholder (e.g. ‘Search entire store here...’) of the input element the searchform stops the submitevent and therefore does not search for the keyword i just entered

if (this.field.value == this.emptyText || this.field.value == ‘’){
return false;

is there any reason why magento would want to do that, or is it simply a bug?

if i remove the comparison field.value == emptytext it works fine, but
1. i don´t want to edit the corecomponent
2. i don´t know if its wanted or not

it´s basically restricting me from searching for a specific keyword

Thanks in advance

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