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Image upload to Quote & Order entities, and Ordering multiple SKU’s with a Size/Colour Matrix. Any thoughts? 
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-04-21
Birmingham, UK

Hi All,

I am a developer in the UK, currently working on a Magento store. I need to extend Magento in the following ways.

1. As part of adding a product to the basket, and from what I understand creating a Quote item, I also want a user of the store to be able to upload an image which will become part of the quote, and then part of the order once they place it.

This is basically for ordering clothing and attaching an image which will be printed on the item.

Has anyone done this? Got any thoughts on how to approch it etc? Done anything similar?

2. We also need to change a product page where a product has “size” and “colour” as selectable options (which select particular SKU’s from a configurable product).

By default the user would need to select a size, and a colour, then select a quantity for the order. We would like to create a matrix which means that a user could select multiple items which different colour/size combinations.

I have attached two image files to help describe what I mean.

Again, does anyone have any thoughts on how to approach this, or has anyone done anything similar?

Any help, or comments would be most appriciated. Feel free to post here, or PM me.

All the best,

James Timbrell

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