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Magento Promo PopUp Application to feature Product Images
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Sometimes a popup is required to show on the top or bottom of the webpage to introduce few new products or promote some events which are going on at store. This add-on for Magento is built to create this sort of overlay popup with text, images links to draw the attention of the visitors.

The Product Overview
Every admin manager wants his/her webpage (front-end) to be looked upon by many users. This add-on satisfies their wish to some extent. Promo pop-up is an add-on which enhances the look of the web page. It beautifies the web page and attracts the users to itself. It looks like banner which shoves over the entire web pages from the top. Promo Popup will appear over the header over the web pages. A WYSIWYG editor has been provided to the admin. With the help of this editor, admin can put up different sort of texts, widgets, static as well as dynamic images and so forth. This editor provides a wide range of platform to the admin for input. This editor is flexible to show all the information.

Promo Popup is dynamic.
Gets closed by one click
Provides a wide platform to put up html tags.
Enables to put up static as well as dynamic images.
Gives option to insert different page links.

Client must download Magento 1.7 version.
Client need to configure this Magento 1.7 version.
After configuring this version a Magento folder structure will be created.
In the folder structure of Magento, this add-on of this unzipped file has to be pasted. After that the client is able to see all the features of this add-on.
Click on the add-on module name and provide information which the client wants to have shown on front-end.

See this Valuable Magento Promo Popup Addon here.

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