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Theme development workflow questions. 
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I just finally upgraded my development copy of Magento and noticed that there were many files in the default theme that got updated over the last couple versions.

This is to be expected, but now I am presented with the problem of adding those changes to themes that are based on the default theme.

In general I am wondering how other people handle this?

I wouldn’t thing using Diff and Merge would work in a lot of scenarios - at least for me.
I have files that have changed dramatically from the original, and I am not sure a Merge would be successful.

This time around I did it manually by searching file dates and then comparing changed files against the original old version to see what changed. Then incorporating that change into my theme.

obviously this is tedious and error prone.

I noticed that some of the files that hand changed (according to dates) didn’t appear to change when i compared them with Diff.
I am curious why the file was marked as changed?

In a related note. I have been using SVN to mange themes, which is a bit awkward given that the theme folders and files are spread out in the app. This means you have to have the entire app in the repository which takes a long time to checkout / checkin.

I am just looking for some guidance to tie this all together and make things as seamless as possible.

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