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Table rate patch
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Referencing to a couple of existing questions regarding table rate without any satisfactory reply, I am summing them all here in the hope somebody will try to reply this:

I’ve been trying to get table rate - “weight and destination” to work with multiple countries but whenever the first weight criteria is met, the table rate shipping module just ignores the destination criteria which is incorrect. Tried that with a list of countries with both 2 letters and 3 letters but it seems that it is unaffected with the country format.

Then I somehow found the release note : dated 31 March 2008 stating that ”6. Table rate shipping is currently not functioning. A patch will be released in the next few days.”, assuming that the patch has been packaged into the latest stable version of Magento. Is it just me or somebody else still have this kind of issue? Any solution for that?

Lastly, thank you for the Magento team’s effort in bringing the e-commerce system so far.


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