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Help with Community Edition installation and set up
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I am new here. I am a power seller on eBay and currently have 4K listings. Unfortunately, the fees are just too high on ebay and i want to start my own store on my own domain. was told that GO is not available on my server and ENTERPRISE is far too pricey. That only leaves the COMMUNITY edition, which has zero support, but its free so. I have some questions before I install the software on my server.

(1) How easy is it to add payment options? I would like to add more than just pay pal if possible but I dont know what I need to do to set this up.

(2) I have several products to offer and want to know how easy it is to add items to the store inventory. ive been doing it manually on ebay and it takes for ever. Do I have to do everything manually or is there a way to do it in bulk?

(3) I know there are design templates available that can probably be auto installed. How difficult would it be to get some customization (e.g., add my logos and other information to the pages. I have some experience with WordPress and if it is anything like that, it probably wont be so hard.

What I really want to now is where there is someone out there who can assist o=if needed and if so at what price.

Also, how reliable is the community edition? Is it buggy? I am a total programming idiot/illiterate. I can do html no problem but that\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s about where my expertise stops. My email is given below. Replace the appropriate symbols.

jackoscratch AT gmail DOT com

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Hi jackoscratch;
First and foremost, it is a good news that there are several solutions that will satisfy you
(1) it is very easy to add payment options. The best solution I suggest is Magento One Step Checkout. This module is not only easy to install but it also allow you add unlimited payment methods
Moreover, Mage-shop have released OneStepCheckout version 2.0 with multiple languages and mobile theme support. If you want to have version 2.0, please select right option bellow.
Here isNew Features Are Updated In Version 2.0
Multi languages support, languages are updated in .CSV file. So, it will allow admin to add new languages or edit text translations to have right contents
Mobile theme support, that mean you can use our one step checkout extension for your website mobile version
Automatically select shipping method to font end, In the case your website is configured with only one shipping method
Automatically select payment method to font end, if your website is configured with only one payment method
(2) I recommend Magento Mega Menu which allow you display all categories, products or whatever content on a mouse-over without going through cumbersome steps. Besides, it also allow both users and administrator who don’t need to be developers themselves to manage effortlessly
(3) I think Magento themes are more suitable for a power seller like you than wordpress so if you may need to know, you can visit our website HERE
Secondly, all our products are developed in strict quality assessment process together with cutting-edge technologies so we can make sure they are high quality
Finally, The price is very competitive And our support team are reaDy 24/7 to help you if there are any problem related to them
Magento One Step Checkout: ONLY $39
Magento Mega Menu: ONLY $49

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