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Hard coded color styles and images in templates
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-04-01

I have come across at least one case of a hard coded style for color in the template files. There are also hard coded width references that I have come across. And there must also be references to images in the templates (or functions?) because they are not referenced anywhere in the style sheets but definitely show up on the frontend.

Has anyone else encountered this and perhaps made a list of where they are? I am dreading going through each and every template to try to catch all occurrences!

Is there some reason for this, and some logic I can follow to try to narrow my search or is this just something that has fallen through the cracks? I have bravely (or stupidly) changed the width of my store just slightly from the default and every now and then the pages break because of a missed width reference.

Despite these frustrations, I just want to say Magento is far and away the best cart I have ever worked with! I am developing 2 stores right now and I know my clients are going to be extremely pleased with the functionality.

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