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Shopper input, multiple stores, multiple sites, affiliates and incentives. 
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I have several questions… I realize that Magento is not technically released yet, but what is actually holding anyone from deploying a live store at this time? Somehow i managed to get three new clients all on board this week and Magento is the only product that seems to have all the features that will satisfy them all [only product that I could find below $15k !!]

In addition to that:

Shopper input: I have a client selling after-market vehicle graphics… is it possible for them to capture data from the user? i.e. vehicle make, model, year?
e in either drop downs or text fields?
I saw the drop down/multiple product method to achieve this, but this is not reasonable for the possible combinations here [approximately 10,000 possibilities for the make/model combination alone… !!]

Multiple Stores: I saw a post that tried to address this, but the link to the knowledge base article was broken.
Is/will it be possible to segregate customer groups into different stores? i.e. can I set up a set of customers that can access store “A” and not have access to store “B”?
How will the multiple sites work? will it be possible to have a store on another server? [certainly would be a neat trick!] Again will I be able to segregate my customers?
Is it possible to set different pricing for different customer groups/individual customers/ on a store/site level [on any level for that matter]?

Affiliates: Will/is it possible to set up an admin for one sub store or site only? i.e. the admin of the sub-site does not have access to higher level functions or other stores?

Incentives: I have another customer who sells branded promotional items, their clients want to be able to “award” thier employees points or vouchers that can be used in a branded online store....  is there a coupon/points system implemented or in the works?

User Uploads; both the graphics and promotional guys need to have their customers upload graphic files....  is this a possibility?

Lastly, is it possible to set up the store so that no pricing is shown unless the user logs in?


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