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Magento…Please HELP with shopping opthions. 
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Dear All members and Magento.
We seem to be having trouble creating some modules.  So i come to you for help...Please.

We need to have better Category Navigation....

Now, you have the verry well done “Layer Navigation” but I this this to be wrong.

The Layer Navigation should be used once you are in some Category’s and you need filters not as the main Navigation.

Now, you have to top menu and we can re-create that for the left hand side, but what shopping by Manufacturers to begin with.... Or any other custom attribute that anyone needs for there shops.

O and let me not forget about the “Best Sellers”....The code is there in the back end...This can be verry good in the front end also (they way that you have it in the back ind is good...we can have best sellers of the month and show the users what was the best seller of each month smile )

I think the best way to solve this is to make it as an add on module, this way we can have the option to turn it on and off per store. Magento..Please help with this one as i see we are not getting it done here..

If i am wrong some one please let me know

Thank you for all your help

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