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Shipping Requirements. 
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Hi Guys

We have quite a different shipping method that our client requires.

Essentially as the courier goes, it is as follows:

1.  When someone places an order, my spreadsheet works out which boxes will accommodate it. 
2.  There are various combinations and currently we have 36 box sizes, which will be shortly increasing to around 70. 
3.  Each box has a unique weight and these are totalled for all boxes needed for the order.
4.  The cost per box is calculated and totalled so this can be added to the courier cost at the end.
5.  The total box weight is then taken and used as follows:
1.  A total shipping weight up to 5 kgs attracts a flat fee.
2.  6 - 10 kgs attracts a different higher flat fee.
3.  Above 10 kgs attracts a flat fee to 10kg and then a fee per volumetric kg thereafter.
4.  The volumetric fee is dependant on which route the parcel is going to reach its destination and there are currently 7 routes.  There is a set fee per route.
5.  Once all this is calculated, a percentage is added to the entire amount for the fuel levy which changes monthly.
6.  The box charge is then added to that total.
6.  What complicates matters is that if a customer is outlying (which is currently fairly infrequent), there is an additional amount for the outlying charge which also attracts a fuel levy and is dependant on where the outlying area is from the depot.
7.  We have a spreadsheet set up using the VLOOKUP function and this could be used if it is compatible with the Magento system as the areas could be captured with their corresponding charges.

Can Magento accomodate this?  Has someone written a plugin for handle this?

Thanks guys.

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