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Issues with Reindexing in 1.8.1
Jr. Member
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I recently upgraded from 1.7 to 1.8.1. I had issues with the upgrade install of 1.8.1 and decided to do a fresh install of 1.8.1 on the server using the backup Media & Database from the site.

Unfortunately, the installation has developed some issues over the last few days, and I’m hoping someone can help me narrow them down. to the most likely source. Data about my installation is at the bottom of this message, please let me know if you need any other info. 

I know this may not be specific to 1.8.1 or even Magento, but may be a plugin/theme issue. I have used all these plugins/themes previously without issue.

- Indexes need to be reindexed every 5-10 minutes. It’s always Product Attributes & Product Prices, but occasionally (once every 1-2 hours) Stock status needs to be updated as well.
- Stock Status keeps switching to Manual Update, rather than Update on Save.
- I basically have to update Product Attributes, Product Prices, and Stock Status every time we update the stock levels. (We generally update the items in the Catalog screen, rather than via uploads.)
- With products with a quantity of 1, M2E Pro will import the information, and Magento will create 3 or 4 “Pending” orders and put the item into the negatives/backorder. (I have Backorder disabled on all items). I have to cancel the pending orders, update the inventory back to the needed quantity, & create the order again in the M2E interface.

These issues did not occur during the first 5-7 days of using 1.8.1, they seemed to develop over several days. The multiple Pending orders started last night. I am not getting errors when I index. The reindex works fine, but it’s a constant manual update.

Attempted Fixes I’ve Tried, based on others’ experience:
- Cleared all Caches, both via Magento & manually. This included deleting lock files in var/locks
- Enabled the Compiler
- Disabled the Compiler
- Switched to flat catalog category & flat catalog product.

Details of Magento Install + Plug-ins & Theme used:
Magento CE v1.8.1, running on CentOS. I currently have 1390 items in the store.
M2E Pro v6.1.0 (Connects to both eBay & Amazon US marketplaces)
Amasty Extended Product Grid with Editor v4.2.1
Fooman PDF Customizer v2.8.1
Fooman Order Manager v2.3.1
ShopShark Milano Responsive Theme v1.5

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I\’ve got exactly the same problem (reindexing issues), have you been able to fix it? Thanks.

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Hello I am getting same problem...anyone has solution for this ?

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