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Magento Product labels Extention
Netbase Cmsmart
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Labels are really one of the most important marketing tips to break the success of your products. You sell products in a retail store then you will need to have custom labels to catch the consumer’s attention. Say your customers how much they can save with your special deals. Magento product labels extension Cmsmart provides flexible ways to create professional looking call-to-action labels for your Magento store. The extension allows you to add labels on product thumbnails, supporting unlimited types of labels. You can also create your own label rules.

Labels can be displayed at the homepage, product listing, product details, related products block, up-sell products block, cross-sell products block and anywhere you want. Magento Product Labels extension Cmsmart will make your business more effective. You will quickly increase sales and improve inventory management with the extension.

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Mage Solution
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That is great extension ! MageSolution also recommend a new extension with same feature for more references:

With Magento Daily Deal Extension you can make sale-off programs more powerful than ever.
Our Magento daily deal extension is developed with the features mentioned bellow will help you to create and administer products daily promotion easily and flexibly.

Daily Deals extension benefits:

- Admin can create sale-off products by adding special price and selecting Special price time.

- Admin can adjust amount of products to be discounted for simple products-

- Allow admin to create embed widgets to show deals on any pages and positions

- Allow admin to view statistics of every deal status

- It saves statistics of complete deals and allows admin to view

- Admin can update deal pages with title, Meta keyword, Meta description…..

Try it now ==.> Magento Daily Deal extension

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Take a look at Improved Product labels Extention by MageBay
Merchant Benefits:
-Applying stickers & Product Labels to any products.
-Define conditions to show product labels.
-Insert variables to include in label texts
-Create style for each product labels
-Show product label on any list products
-Separate label for the product on category page, product detail page

{SAVE_PERCENT} - Save Percents
{SAVE_AMOUNT}- Save Amount
{PRICE} - Price product
{SPECIAL_PRICE}- Special Price product
{BR} - New Line
{SKU}- Product SKU
{IN_STOCK_AMOUNT} - in stock amount
-Changing sticker & Product Labels position easily( Top Left, Top Center, Top Right, Middle Left, Middle Center, Middle Right, Bottom Left, -Bottom Center, Bottom Right )
-Set date to display label
-Specify a store where a rule can be applied.
-Translation support
-Compatibility: 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8
-Configurable from admin area for all functions
-Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy to use
-User-friendly interfaceCSS
-Open source 100%
link :

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Hi, if anyone here want to use Magento Prodcut Labels, this post is for you: FEATURE PRODUCTS AND INCREASE CONVERSION RATE WITH MAGENTO PRODUCT LABELS [CUSTOMER STORIES]

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Jr. Member
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Moreover, with Magento Product label you can also emphasize other important product information like ‘100% natural’, ‘environment-friendly’ and so on

You can assign labels based on product attributes. This way you can draw customers’ attention to crucial information about products, for example award labels, brand logos, pictures with messages like ‘100% natural’, ‘3-year guarantee’, ‘Vegetarian’.  For many customers such information is a decisive factor for placing an order.

The extension gives you high level of automation and flexibility. It enables you to upload separate images for category and product pages. You can create rules to automatically display labels for products, using a set of conditions such as special price, stock status, ‘new’ status, category, product attributes

The number of labels used at the same time is unlimited, you can show multiple labels for each product. The tags can be displayed on the product, category and search results pages and you can choose position for each tag

Key Features:
Highlight special offers.
Clearly display important product information.
Set priorities for label display, hide labels with lower priority.
Show labels for new products.
Choose time period for display of labels.
Show labels based on product price.
Display tags based on category and stock status.
Add or remove labels from individual products.
Show labels of associated products on pages of parent products.
Take advantage of the extension flexibility.
Unlimited number of labels.
Choose label position.
Be able to use different images and text for category and product pages.
Use variables for label messages.
You can utilize following variables in the label texts:


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Jr. Member
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I too am interested in this thanks.


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I would also like to introduce this extension Its features include:

- Highlighting products with colorful badges
- Displaying the labels based on category, price, status
- You can specify the period for display of products
- Unlimited number of labels per product
- Ability to set priorities for label display
- Different label types like ‘100% natural’, ‘environment-friendly’, ‘5-year guarantee’, ‘100% recyclable’ and so on.

You can find out more at

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