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B2B on Magento - case study
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In the case of BankKabli, implementing B2B functionalities kept us awake at night. Because Magento does not have a native support for such modules (and it is hard to get ready modules which can be used without modifications), we had to work hard to implement a couple of features:

- Hierarchical customer accounts – a customer having departments can set up separate accounts for all employees, where they can make purchases up to the preliminarily set limits.

- Purchase limits – fully integrated with ERP system – both the process of asking for a limit (electronic order) and its maintenance were implemented in Magento. We created a new method of payment to comply with the customer’s balance. The data is being actively exchanged with the ERP system.

- Multiple pick-up addresses and booking pick-up times – Thanks to automatic logistics, it is possible to book pick-up time directly in the

- Central Magazine. One customer can have an unlimited number of pick-up addresses, matching his departments.

- Complaint service – complaints are generated automatically and sent to the Workflow system in TIM (accepting all documents).

- Invoices and other documents service – each customer, even buying offline, can check his or her order’s status and documents after setting up an account, thanks to integration with Workflow. Moreover, it relieves Call Center and is an info hub for the customers.


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